Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Down the Hatch

Glucose beverage... um, yum?
Hanging in the waiting room.

Glucose test day.  Dum da dum!  I have been dreading this part of the testing.  I am a big fat baby about eating or drinking things that are disagreeable to me.  I am a VERY healthy eater, and I never ever drink sugary drinks, so I was very worried that I would end up gagging and not be able to choke the drink down.

After fasting since 8 pm last night, I arrived at the hospital at 9 am to get a fasting blood draw.  One little needle stick, a vial of blood and I was sent back out to the waiting room.  I hung out there for about fifteen minutes while my vial of blood was tested and then they brought me the dreaded bottle.  I was instructed to drink it quickly, in five minutes or less.  I unscrewed the cap, smelled it, took a tentative sip... and realized that I had psyched myself out for nothing.  Flat orange soda is what it tasted like.  No big deal at all.  Would I drink it on a daily basis?  Absolutely not.  But I can handle it for this test. 

So I slugged the drink down and then was instructed to come back in two hours for the next blood draw.  Within about ten minutes I started to feel pretty sick to my stomach.  The glucose drink certainly did not agree with me.  I went home and laid down for an hour and a half and tried to ignore the growing nausea.  After two hours I headed back to the lab and had my next blood draw done.  And that was it!  All in all a pretty darn easy set of labs.  Now I just have to wait for the results to come back from Colorado to determine what the next step is.  Will I pass?  I sure hope so!

Vial of my blood.


  1. Sure hope so too !!! keep us posted Laura! Thanks again for all youre doing for Michael and others. Roxanne

  2. Bringing back memories. I noticed you mentioned the gentleman in Colorado so I thought I'd share this video I entered into a contest last year for Donate Life Colorado:

  3. Thanks for the comments, guys! :)