Monday, June 20, 2011

Drain My Vein

Pee jug.... round 2!
Stick it to me, nurse!

Today was lab day.  I did my second 24 hour urine collection from Sunday morning until this morning... yes the decorated cooler got a second 24 hours of use!  After doing the last collection in a 24 hour period I had to take it over to the lab and complete my blood draws.  If you remember from one of my previous posts I had to get a large quantity of vials filled for a couple of dozen different tests. 

I checked in with the lab receptionist and handed over my jug and then  took a seat in the waiting room.  Eventually the nurse called my name and directed me into the exam room where I have been getting all of my blood draws done.  She had a label sheet a mile long printed out for all of my vials, as well as lengthy instructions on what to do for the various bits of lab work.

Needle in.... vials filled.... and 16 tubes later I was done with the blood draw.  Easy breezy as always.  Next up she needed height and weight again, and then a "fresh" urine sample.  She sent me into the bathroom with a sani wipe kit and a sample cup as well as instructions on putting the sample cup into the door in the wall once I was done.  So in honor of chronicling every step of the way in this blog I included a picture of my sample in the wall.  Yes... I need to drink more water.  :(
16 vials of liquid Laura
Little box in the wall

So anyway today was a snap.  The next steps will happen this week.  I received a video in the mail that I need to watch and then I will have a psych evaluation done by one of the therapists that are on staff at the Colorado hospital.  I will take detailed notes on both so that all of you know what kind of information I am receiving.

For a little bit of fun.... I have been dog sitting for my parents this past week.  Here is my little buddy, Otis, who delights in dragging me down the block every time we go outside for a walk.  Don't let his size deceive you, this pupster is a strong one!

Otis the wonder dog


  1. I donated my kidney 2 months ago. The whole testing process ending up taking two years for me. I am definitely glad to have gotten it all done and over with. If you or anyone have any questions about what to look forward to, let me know :)

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