Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Short Walk

Papers and vials for the lab
Walking across the street to the clinic

It's testing day!  Today I had an appointment set to get my physical, EKG and chest x-ray.  My papers and blood vials had arrived in the mail earlier this week, so I packed everything up and headed across the street to my doctor's office.
Waiting room
Temp Taking

Once I got there my doctor's office informed me that there might be an issue with my getting the tests taken at their clinic.  The issue seemed to be with the billing and the fact that my doctor's office would not participate in third party billing.  Hmmmm.... their solution was to instead bill me and have me try to get reimbursed by the Colorado Hospital.  Clearly this was not going to work, especially since the billing instructions ask the testing clinic to cover 30% as a goodwill discount since this is a donation process.  I was asked to go sit in the waiting room while they tried to sort everything out.

Finally the nurse came to get me and told me they would go ahead with the physical since that was being billed to my own insurance, and they would keep me posted about the rest of the testing.

Blood Pressure

Reagan keeping me company


My physical consisted of getting my medical history and the following: allergies, height, weight, temp, blood pressure, heart and lungs check, ears, nose, throat check, and a check on my abdomen to make sure there were not any lumps or bumps.  I had already had my pap done two months prior, so it was not necessary to get that done again.

Once we were through with that we got a call from the billing department letting us know that I would need to go to the hospital for the rest of the testing, as my doctor's office would not do the necessary third party billing.  Frustrating?  A little.  But the good news was that once I sat down with the appointments gal, she was able to get me in tomorrow morning for the remainder of my tests. 

Getting my physical
Papers for the lab

So the line up for tomorrow:

- Chest X-ray
- Abdominal Angiogram
- Dozens of blood tests

Bright and early.... 6:45 am appointment to get it all taken care of.  Then I will also be collecting another pee jug for my second 24 hour collection.  Good times!

More tomorrow....


  1. My hope is that this would be the only glitch there is for you. It's interesting how all of this works. Go Laura Go !! Roxanne

  2. Yeah, go Laura go!!
    Thanks for weathering through the glitches.

  3. I love your blog! You are such an amazing upbeat person!

  4. I was a donor for my dad, so I know the process! Frustrating at times, lots of blood tests!!! But sooo worth it. Good for you, you're awesome!

  5. hello,

    how was your show in blood pressure during your exam