Monday, June 6, 2011

A Jug Full of Fun

Getting ready for the big collection!
Putting it on ice...

So Sunday morning began my 24 hour collection.  Basically I had to stay close to my pee jug and cooler for 24 hours so that every time I needed to, um, go.... I would be near my supplies to collect it.  So a cooler full of ice and my jug sat ready and waiting in my bathroom at home.  I did take my jug on a brief tour of town and a visit to my parent's house...

At the hospital to drop off my jug!

Getting weighed

24 hours later it was time to take my jug to the hospital and turn it in.  While there I had to get weighed, measured and my blood drawn.  The nurse was awesome - best blood draw EVER!  I did not even feel the needle go in!  Then I was sent down to the ER to get my blood pressure taken.
Collecting a lil bit o' blood

Heading to the ER

At the ER the nurse was nice enough to take an interactive picture of me getting my blood pressure taken.  So this part of the testing is over.  On Wednesday I get to head back to the lab for my glucose tests.  Today's visit was short, sweet and totally pain free! 
Getting my BP


  1. So glad its all going so well. Youre an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for all youre doing !! You will save a life ! actually more than one. Roxanne Hamilton Guberud

  2. Hi Laura- this is amazing what you're doing. Unfortunately I couldn't donate a kidney to my mom but my best friend did and I can't tell you what a life changer you will be (though you probably already know!)

    I own a clothing line for dialysis and chemotherapy patients ( and would love to feature some of your content from the blog onto ours or our Facebook & Twitter pages if that's alright with you? Thank you and good luck the rest of the way!

  3. Hi Megan-

    Yes of course that would be wonderful if you would like to share my blog. The more people that read it, the higher the chances that somebody else will donate too. Thanks so much!

  4. How amazing that you would undertake all this to help a STRANGER! You are a wonderful person and role model. Your parents should be very proud that they raised such a giving, caring soul. Good luck to you! Praying for a quick recovery for you,and for a long, healthy life for your very lucky kidney recpient. Inspiring! : )

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