Friday, June 10, 2011

And the Verdict Is.....

Anatomy of our innards

Success!  I received word from Colorado that according to my first round of labs that my kidneys are functioning normally.  Whew!  What a relief.  I guess I had never considered up until this point that there was a possibility that my kidneys might not be functioning normally.  What a kick in the pants that would have been, huh?  But thankfully it appears that all is well.

So anyway, I digress....  My secure message from the University of Colorado Hospital (sent via email), told me that I would have several more labs to do, an informational CD to watch and a social worker consult.  The next series of labs would be a bit more involved than what I had just participated in.  Here is what is on the agenda:

§  Laboratory Tests
        Albumin                         Creatinine                      CBC w/differential
            Alk Phos                       Glucose                         PT/PTT
            ALT(SGPT)                    LDH                              HIV
            AST(SGOT)                   Magnesium                   Hep B Surface Ag
            BUN                             Phosphorus                  Hep C Antibody
            Bilirubin-total                 Potassium                    EBV
            Calcium                        Protein-total                  Urinalysis
            Cholesterol                   Sodium                         Urine C&S
            CO2                              Uric Acid                       CMV IgG/IgM
            Hgb A1c
24 Hr urine for creatinine clearance and protein (2nd collection)

§  Health Maintenance Testing
1.  Pap smear for all females (within past year or repeat)

§  Consults
1.     History and Physical by Primary Care Physician
2.     Evaluation by Transplant Social Worker 

§  Other
1. Chest x-ray
2. EKG
        3. CT abdominal Angiogram -Clinical Question: Anatomy for Laparoscopic Kidney Donation.  Please include size of kidneys and dictate on bilateral vessels of kidneys.

Sounds like fun, right?!  So my physical is scheduled for Thursday of next week.  That will include the chest x-ray and the EKG.  The rest of my labs will be done at the hospital once I receive my many, many vials in the mail!  I am looking forward to watching the informational DVD that is being sent to me.  I have a feeling there are things that I have not even thought to wonder about. 

So until then, it is life as usual.  For a bit of fun, I attended a Brewer's game tonight with my friend Julie.  How cute are we?

Girls in a glove


  1. I have been thru this....donated to my son in 2006. The tests are scary and time consuming, but it is so worth it. Hope your experience is a great one and everything works out for you and whoever gets your kidney. You will not regret doing this :)

  2. Laura you are such an inspiration and devoted individual! I am very proud of you and happy to call you my friend!! Always here for you, Julie :)